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Woops, not that doomsday

Woops, not that doomsday

As I check out some of my other posts, I noticed that I had one talking about the big doomsday theories rolling around for September, which at first I thought I was talking about 2016, because there were ALOT of them. Then I realized, it was for 2015. So, same theories, different year. And yet…here we remain. Same old jobs, same old worries, same old doomsday theories. Is this what humans are doomed to be? Worry warts, wondering when the end is going to come and trying to be prepared? What is it that makes us feel the need to anticipate what is going to happen, so that we can survive it and continue on? A past experience perhaps? One to many world wide floods maybe? Or is it an ancient memory for when humans were used for another purpose, keeping ourselves on the edge, looking over our shoulders. Who knows. If nothing else, when whatever doomsday happens, we’ll all stand up and go, “Oh THEY were right about THAT one.”

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death to devices

Devices dead on 07-09-12

Ok, so, if you wanted to get to know how many devices access the internet, and say, wanted to be able to track and possibly remotely access those devices, how would go about doing it?

First, you would need to know the devices DNS address. That is the secret address that every device, computer, tablet, phone has assigned to it so that it can access the internet.

Second, you would need people to voluntarily give you that information so that it would be legally obtained.

How do you do that? Maybe freak people out that they might have a computer virus and you can check their device for them?

If you want to have a conspiracy theory about the government, then this would be a huge one. On April 24th, 2012, the U.S. CERT site (Computer Emergency Readiness Team) posted that a criminal cyber ring working under a company called Rove Digital may have infected millions of devices in the U.S. with malware software that interrupts your devices transmissions through the internet. Somehow, the government will be able to disable ALL of these said infected devices on July 9th, 2012 with a magical flip of a switch. So, of course, one cannot have their internet dependent life interrupted, so the government has graciously invited individuals to sign onto a website: and check to see if their device is infected. If you get a GREEN screen, you’re OK, RED your device will be dead. Now comes the choice, do you believe in the threat and let the government have your DNS, or risk it’s false, and then possibly have your device shut down?

One thing is for sure…any device checking the site, the government will have its DNS address. Once they have that, it’ll be easier for them to see what you are researching, where you are located, if you use GPS features, and possibly even see you if they can turn on the camera on your device. Far fetched? Don’t forget a few weeks ago there was a big up roar in the news when a school that allowed students to borrow laptop computers was spying on the kids by activating the laptop’s camera. If a school could do it, don’t hesitate to think that the government could too.

Let’s just pray my conspiracy theory is wrong, and if the government does store our DNS addresses, that they keep them secure and not have a computer get hacked into or lost.

You may be wondering…did I…go to the site? Of course I did. I’m not an idiot. I don’t want my devices shut down, and besides…I’ve got nothing to hide. One thing is for sure, I will be eagerly looking for statistics to be published at the end of the year of the estimated devices accessing the internet, including how many phones are in use in 2012.

Stay safe out there, and remember, keep your cameras pointed in a safe direction.

UPDATE 07-25-2012 Amazingly, the magic date comes and goes and instead of hearing thousands of complaints about people’s computer systems not being able to access the internet after the deadline, there are none. So, did the government over-estimate how many computers had truly been infected, or was this truly a ruse to simply get everyone to log in their internet accessible device to the government’s database?

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pakistan earthquake

Pakistan earthquake damage

If you believe that the world will end in 2012, then you might also believe in preparing for that disaster and the future afterwards. Unless the earth explodes in a fantastic fashion, the likelihood that ALL humans on the earth will be destroyed is an impossibility. The earth has been struck by large asteroids time and time again, and yet, life carries on in the mysterious blue marble. Yes, a major disaster like nuclear war, plague, solar flares, and meteors could be devastating and will most likely kill most life on earth, but some will survive. Doomsday will come eventually, the question is how will you plan for it?

Move To Fertile Grounds Theory

Some people believe the best solution is to relocate to an area with fertile grounds to grow crops. This plan is solid as long as the person has the capability to travel long distances, if needed, to get to this fertile area. A warmer region would be best, an area without a winter that could sustain year round farming. Multiple factors would need to be considered. How will travel be done? Will there be supplies available upon arrival? If supplies need to be brought, how do they get transported to the location? The biggest obstacle for this plan is the simple fact that travel across the planned route may simply be impossible after the disaster. Countless changes to the terrain could happen, not to mention others will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion and choose to protect or block the route.

Stand Your Ground Theory

Of course, other people believe that they will simply hold up in their house. If they have enough food and water they will be fine. This is a wonderful idea, for a short-term disaster. But if help is not going to arrive with in two weeks, it isn’t going to matter how much food and water you have, because now you will become a target for others who are more aggressive, and failed to prepare themselves. The question then becomes, can you protect yourself? Unless you built an underground bunker, with a massively dynamic air system, the answer will be: not for long. Oh, but you have a vent system for your underground bunker? Does it come straight to the surface? All a person would need to do is force smoke into the intake, or block it off entirely, and you will be forced out of your little rabbit hole. Then your food stores will be their’s.

Best of Both Worlds Theory

So, one would need to have an area that is defendable, but yet have an area that can sustain long-term living. Of course, survival of a large disaster will never be something that one can survive all alone. The best scenario for preparation would be to have a small group organized. Large groups would be great for defence, but could make early sustainability impossible. Goals for preparation of the location would include securing and storing temporary supplies ahead of time. Unless it is a place that you will actively be living in, time will be needed to grow crops. Thus, food supplies will be needed, such as MREs until the crops can be harvested. Ways to defend one’s area should already be in place. The less needed to bring to an area, the more successful the chances will be to get to the location, and to survive/defend it upon arrival.

During one episode of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, the hosts interviewed several people who had already developed a secret group that had assigned tasks. One individual even went so far as to have a secret location that he was currently living in, prepped for what he believed would be the coming disaster. Unfortunately, planning to survive on your own, defeats the whole purpose of surviving. Why bother surviving, if you will be by yourself?

Unfortunately, keeping a 3 day survival kit for “normal” disasters is expensive enough, let alone preparing to become totally self-sustaining. So, I will more than likely fall into that group of poor folks that just aren’t prepared when the end finally comes. My failure will not be because I didn’t know better, but because bread on the table NOW is more important to me than having bread on the table in a future unknown world.

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Recently, I was researching websites at, a wonderful place where anyone can help research groups sort through their data. One of the research sites was attempting to sort through all their killer whale song data to match family groups together. You see, Orca whales have whale songs, and utilize the same complex note to announce their family group, which allows other family members to find them. Listening to the whale songs was slightly tedious because they tended to be very pitchy. After going through several selections, my daughter and I realized that they resemble howling calls by wolves, coyotes, and dogs. Once we came to that realization, and knowing that whales came from land mammals that returned to the sea, I theorized if whales and wolves are actually related. You see killer whales have very distinctive markings, which are similar to wolves. Both have light markings on the underbelly, light markings around the eyes, a greyish patch on their backs, and hunt and live with a pack mentality.

After some quick research on Wikipedia (gotta love this resource of information) I was surprised to find that indeed, killer whales and wolves did have a common ancestor. This graphic from Wikipedia shows that the group Canis (dogs, wolves) and Cetaceamorpha (whales) evolved from the common ancestor of Erinaceus. How amazing is that? Other animals that share this ancestor are zebras, hippos, cats, and more.

I love that a simple theory discovered with my daughter could determine this evolution to be true.

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blazing earth

Disaster on the America's.

As I read an article in the Popular Science magazine on 2012 doomsday scenarios based on past disasters that have struck the Earth. Many of the examples given were disasters over the last few million years that have happened within the North American Continent. I found myself thinking that maybe North America , in the long term, is not a smart place to make a civilization. Then I realized that this may be why this continent seemed to be inhabiteted by men that were much less advanced than the men in Europe and the Mediterranian. Why did the humans living Eastern/European world advance so much further than those in the Americas? In theory, Is it because the American continents were struck repeatedly by one disaster after another, and that humans living here had to start over and over again? Maybe so many disasters happened, that the humans on the other side of the world finally said “Enough” and came up with the “Void” and “Ends of the Earth” stories to keep mankind from returning to the American Continents and leaving the humans that survived there on their own to go on alone without the current knowledge.

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Many Bigfoot researchers believe that these animals communicate by calls and knocking. Just as hunters use calls to bring their prey closer, researchers have tried to bring in the creatures by filling the air with calls. However, some of the calls I have seen done on TV sound very similar to other animals found in the areas of investigations. There is also the possibility of contamination in the results by pranksters hiding in the woods and answering back. One particular call, used by Finding Bigfoot researchers sounds too similar to the high, sometimes shrieking, calls of the coyote.

Here’s a link from Finding Bigfoot where the investigators are Making Calls at Night. You can hear them talking about hearing coyote calls, and then another sound that they think is not a coyote. However, when they imitate the sound, it sounds just like a coyote call.

grizzly in field

Bear grunts sound like Bigfoot calls

They also make grunting noises as another type of call. Unfortunately, the grunting noises sound similar to a number of animals, including bears and wolverines. Here is a bear cub calling for its mother, sounds like the grunt calls they do: Bear Cub Grunting.

Here’s a coyote barking and howling. Now I’ve personally heard them do this high-pitched howl longer (about 3 secs) without any barks or change in pitch Short Coyote Howl

The point here is that care should be taken to analyze calls heard in the wild. Just because a person has never heard anything like it before, does not mean it is not a known animal. The best method to attract a bigfoot would be to use recorded calls played back in the woods. The reason that recorded sounds are normally banned from hunting activities is because they can be extremely effective. Recordings also eliminate the inaccuracy of a human voice replicating a call and ensure all the fine nuances of a call are replicated.

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bigfoot graphicWhen researchers discuss Bigfoot sightings, they almost exclusively talk about the northwestern United States, Washington and Oregon area. I wondered why there was not more talk about Alaska, a place with over 650,000 square miles and vast wilderness doesn’t have more Bigfoot sightings? Perhaps it is because of the uniqueness of way of life in Alaska that offsets the ability to have Bigfoot sightings. You see, in Alaska, people are used to living in areas with large animals. Alaska is home to the largest bear population in the United States, and is home to the largest of the deer family, the moose. Wildlife, as is common knowledge, is plentiful here. As such, Alaskans are especially careful when going out into the wilderness. In bear country, we make sure to make plenty of noise by singing, talking loudly, and clapping. This bear safety basic is to help alert any bears in the area, “Hey bear, here comes a human, get out-of-the-way.” Bears are often shy creatures and will move when hearing people come. With Bigfoot an even shyier creature and more stealthy, they would have no problem avoiding an encounter.

Imagine if an Alaskan did see a Bigfoot. Unless they were in feet of it, they would probably just dismiss it as a bear. Many Alaskans believe that Bigfoot sightings in Washington and Oregon are just misidentified bears. Since we see bears so often, we might find it hard to believe something we see was anything but a bear.

Coyotes and wolves are also very plentiful in Alaska. Coyote cries are often heard even near towns. When I watch the Finding Bigfoot show, I believe they are misidentified coyotes cries, which can sound like someone screaming or wailing, and not the typical howl. Of course, if an Alaskan hears a cry or howl in the woods, we would be more apt to believe it was a bear, wolf, or coyote before thinking it was a Bigfoot.

Perspective plays a large part in Bigfoot research. If you live in an area in which you don’t believe there is a lot of wildlife out there, you might be more apt to believe something strange was Bigfoot. However, if you live in an area where you frequently see wildlife, then you might be more apt to believe something strange you saw was a normal animal and not a Bigfoot. An Alaskan camping in the woods and hearing something rustle around their tent, or seeing a big shadow hover over their tent will probably think it is a bear. But what if it was really a Bigfoot. Alaskans often know that bear tracks often over lap. But what if a track wasn’t an overlapped bear print. My point is that I believe more research teams need to come to Alaska. Hike out to the wilderness, off the beaten path, and research the dense wilderness here. If researchers talk to local hunters more, and ask them to record and photograph anything odd they find, more Alaskans might realize that what they are hearing, and seeing, just might not be the usual animals. In theory, what if Alaskans have misidentified Bigfoot?

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I consider myself to be a simple but intelligent person. I believe that curiosity is the key to living, and that if you stopped being curious what would be the point to life? I have an interest in cryptozoology, paranormal and the mysteries of the universe. As the number of shows in these genres have grown, my disappoint in the investigation techniques grew, too. Some shows, like Destination Truth, perform excellent and detailed investigations. Other shows, like Finding Bigfoot, lack greatly in the use of scientific method.

It is due in part to the Finding Bigfoot show, that I have chosen to create this site. Thru Twitter, I proposed several theories to the “scientist” of the team on ways to find evidence. The “scientist” responded rudely and labeled me as theorizing incessantly (details will be posted on the Bigfoot page). How could a scientist, who by definition needs to create a theory according to scientific method, say that someone theorized too much? Many theories in the scientific world cannot be field researched immediately. Sometimes, the person with the theory does not have the means to conduct the investigation. This was the reason I had proposed my theories to this “scientist” who was actively investigating Bigfoot. I proposed my theories to spur them onto a new thought pattern, a new lead for investigation. Instead, I was dismissed as simply being an armchair quarterback that didn’t know what I was talking about because I had never gone out to look for bigfoot. With the realization that there may be others like myself, I created this site for the dismissed and thrown aside to discuss intelligently about different subjects in our universe. I created a place for people “To Theorize Incessantly.”

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