Posted on February 14th, 2013 at 11:08 AM by Alaskankare

What to do now?

What to do now?

So, the end of the world has come and gone, and unfortunate for those that partied hard, and ran up their credit card debt, we are all still here. Now that, the world has realized that we will live to see another day, what will all those Doomsday preppers do? Well, turns out some will still be prepping for Doomsday. This time, just not with a date. Many preppers believe that the end will still come, but for many different reasons: economic crash, disease, asteroid, terrorist attack, and climate change, to name a few.

Do I prep? Well, of course I do. I live in Alaska. Prepping doesn’t have to be a bad word. Anyone that lives in an area that has the potential for natural disasters should prep to a point that they could survive at least for 2 weeks on their own. I don’t feel the need to go to the extreme of building a bunker and stocking piles years worth of food. Thankfully, I live in a place that the community would easily pull together in a disaster, and not rip each other apart, like the world has seen in some areas. If you live in such an area, then I suggest you consider moving if you feel you need to build a compound to protect yourself. But your job is the reason that you live in the City? Then I suggest that you shouldn’t be a doomsday prepper because you have your priorities in the wrong order.

Whatever level of prepper you are, the Doomsday Preppers will always be around. They will simply continue on because prepping is really a sort of obsession to them, an addiction if you will. They couldn’t stop it, even if they wanted to.

Now, my concern? It’s a little bit natural disaster; a little bit terrorist attack. My biggest concern is that a Doomsday Prepper might get tired of waiting for Armageddon, and decide to start their own.

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