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Pompeii ruins

Pompeii was destroyed by a volcano

Just as Pompeii was buried by a volcanic pyroclastic flow, Atlantis also could have met its end by an explosive volcanic event. History has shown that large areas can be destroyed when Krakatoa blew its top and its pyroclastic flow destroyed Sumtran, which was 30 miles away. If the Atlantians were as advanced as Plato described, then they might have been arrogant enough to believe that they could outrun any eruption. Why would a society build their city around a volcano? You simply need to look around the world today. The Hawaiian Islands are a perfect example. Here people actually traveled thousands of miles by ocean and decided these volcanic islands would be perfect. Volcanic soil is extremely fertile, so aside from the occasional lava flow or pyroclastic flow, you can be guaranteed enough food to eat. Volcanic islands tend to have steep mountainous areas that can be easily protected. Simple answers to why. Suppose there was another reason that Atlantians chose to live on a volcanic island. What if they were able to utilize the geothermal characteristics of the volcano. Steam engines were created before the gasoline versions. On a volcanic island, the power of heat and steam would have been easily observed and could have been utilized.

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