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Does praying give power to Gods?

I recently watched the movie Wrath of the Titans where Zeus’ son Perseus has to fight off Ares and other creatures to prevent the elemental Titans from returning to Earth. During the movie, Zeus expresses his concern to Perseus that the Gods are loosing their powers because humans did not pray to them anymore. I wondered how would prayers from humans give power to a God? It seemed like a strange concept since this is not a power or ability that humans possess. How can simply thinking of someone give them extraordinary powers? Although, when groups do pray together, do we not feel stronger somehow?

Ancient God Zeus

Aside from this mystery, I have always wondered how does a Christian God who seems to cry out for animal sacrifice and praise in the old testament of the Bible, turn into a less vengeful and more patient, gentle God in the new testament? This movie seemed to give an insight into this “mood change.” Just as people grow more wise when they grow older, so too might Gods. In the movie, Zeus was known as a very vengeful and “do what I want” God. As his power lessened, he began to realize what he was doing, and like humans had regret for what he had done and tried to do better for humankind.

Ironically being vengeful and flighty with mankind is what made humans despise the Gods and stop praying to them, making them weak. As the Gods became too weak, a single act of power was enough to make them turn to dust and the immortal God became mortal and died. I did not recall these stories in my history classes and was shocked when I saw the immortals turn to dust. I realized this could be the answer to my question of how a world full of Gods could turn into a world where most religions believed in one “single, true” God. Could it be that the Christian God is simply one “ancient” Greek or Roman God that survived this tumultuous time. This God was able to reincarnate himself into a kindlier, more forgiving God that the humans at the time needed? He realized in time what humans needed in a God and was able to convince us to continue praying for him, allowing him to remain immortal and even gain power.

Following this line of thinking leads one to wonder if the One True God is an ancient mythical God from the Greeks and Romans, then which one is it? Could it really be Zeus, the God of Law, Order, and Justice, or is it another lesser known God that thought quickly and took over the reins of power?

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