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Woops, not that doomsday

Woops, not that doomsday

As I check out some of my other posts, I noticed that I had one talking about the big doomsday theories rolling around for September, which at first I thought I was talking about 2016, because there were ALOT of them. Then I realized, it was for 2015. So, same theories, different year. And yet…here we remain. Same old jobs, same old worries, same old doomsday theories. Is this what humans are doomed to be? Worry warts, wondering when the end is going to come and trying to be prepared? What is it that makes us feel the need to anticipate what is going to happen, so that we can survive it and continue on? A past experience perhaps? One to many world wide floods maybe? Or is it an ancient memory for when humans were used for another purpose, keeping ourselves on the edge, looking over our shoulders. Who knows. If nothing else, when whatever doomsday happens, we’ll all stand up and go, “Oh THEY were right about THAT one.”

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The Doomsday Nay-Sayers are at it again. This time targeting the end of September as their goal for the destruction of the world. It is turning out to be a pick your flavor doomsday scenario week. Whether you believe the Anti-Christ has arrived, and with him the Rapture, Californian Earthquake, Solar Flare, or everyone’s favorite: Asteroid/Comet, there is a scenario for everyone this time.

blazing earth

Doomsday 2015, You Ready?

My biggest complaint about these doomsday “theories” is that many of them reference movies, like 2012, or Deep Impact as proof of the end coming. These are MOVIES PEOPLE, the writers put the same information that everyone has read from the Bible and Spook sites in the script for drama. There are no coincidences in a movie, no hidden messages that coincide with what was written down somewhere before. The writers put that in the movie to give it a more realistic and paranoid feel. Don’t use fiction as your proof. Get out there and find the real facts to create a doomsday scenario. Get news clips for your reinforcement that the end is near, or that there is a secret government conspiracy.

One theory on makes an attempt by using a press conference vidoe, from I assume in Russia because no details on who was speaking were given, dated May 13, 2014, where the gentleman stated that, “…in 500 days we will begin to see environmental chaos.” Then the video flaunts September 28th and the Event Horizon followed by a completely useless video/music entourage of photos that aren’t related to anything. The problem? He never did his math. 500 days from May 13, 2014 (day 177 of the year) brings you to October 4th-6th, 2015. Depends on if you like to count the first and last day as “Days”. That’s about a week off. Simple details that can be verified but never were!

Personally, I’d use the fact that the U.S. “borrowed” Billions of dollars from China during our recession to help get the economy going again. Did we really borrow it, or is that a bill we owe for tech they are building. How about soon after China launches their own space station, which no hears about?

Time should be taken to review what is really happening in the world to create a theory of possible government/world conspiracy. For instance, what if China’s new island they are building in the Sea, isn’t really a military base, but a new launch pad for rockets or missiles to shoot people into space, or perhaps launch missiles at a comet/asteroid? Pick your flavor on that one. The U.S. hasn’t done any real steps to prevent them from doing it.

What if Russia’s incursion into Crimea is also to secure a specific site for other than military purposes. Could they need quicker access to a mountain region, or to the Ocean? Why haven’t they moved to take over the rest of the Ukraine yet? The Russian advance into Crimea was quick and decisive. Again, the U.S. has no real effort in deterring this. Two major nations, not really friends, moving into areas not theirs and the U.S. makes no move?


Comet Time?

NASA has started an initiative called the Grand Asteroid Challenge, pulling amateur astronomers into their fold to help research and look for new Near Earth Objects, almost like a desperate race to find something they expect to be coming. There was talk after the Russia asteroid exploded in the atmosphere that it was part of a large cluster of rocks from a larger body that broke up thousands of years ago. These other parts are still out there, and on a similar orbit, but nothing more has come out on the details of their research. Could NASA’s outreach be more out of desperation than for a fun group activity?

Bringing in real world happenings into the theories of what might be coming is the way to go. Not this California Dreaming style of watching a movie and then believing that movie is proof that the government is hiding something.

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What to do now?

What to do now?

So, the end of the world has come and gone, and unfortunate for those that partied hard, and ran up their credit card debt, we are all still here. Now that, the world has realized that we will live to see another day, what will all those Doomsday preppers do? Well, turns out some will still be prepping for Doomsday. This time, just not with a date. Many preppers believe that the end will still come, but for many different reasons: economic crash, disease, asteroid, terrorist attack, and climate change, to name a few.

Do I prep? Well, of course I do. I live in Alaska. Prepping doesn’t have to be a bad word. Anyone that lives in an area that has the potential for natural disasters should prep to a point that they could survive at least for 2 weeks on their own. I don’t feel the need to go to the extreme of building a bunker and stocking piles years worth of food. Thankfully, I live in a place that the community would easily pull together in a disaster, and not rip each other apart, like the world has seen in some areas. If you live in such an area, then I suggest you consider moving if you feel you need to build a compound to protect yourself. But your job is the reason that you live in the City? Then I suggest that you shouldn’t be a doomsday prepper because you have your priorities in the wrong order.

Whatever level of prepper you are, the Doomsday Preppers will always be around. They will simply continue on because prepping is really a sort of obsession to them, an addiction if you will. They couldn’t stop it, even if they wanted to.

Now, my concern? It’s a little bit natural disaster; a little bit terrorist attack. My biggest concern is that a Doomsday Prepper might get tired of waiting for Armageddon, and decide to start their own.

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pakistan earthquake

Pakistan earthquake damage

If you believe that the world will end in 2012, then you might also believe in preparing for that disaster and the future afterwards. Unless the earth explodes in a fantastic fashion, the likelihood that ALL humans on the earth will be destroyed is an impossibility. The earth has been struck by large asteroids time and time again, and yet, life carries on in the mysterious blue marble. Yes, a major disaster like nuclear war, plague, solar flares, and meteors could be devastating and will most likely kill most life on earth, but some will survive. Doomsday will come eventually, the question is how will you plan for it?

Move To Fertile Grounds Theory

Some people believe the best solution is to relocate to an area with fertile grounds to grow crops. This plan is solid as long as the person has the capability to travel long distances, if needed, to get to this fertile area. A warmer region would be best, an area without a winter that could sustain year round farming. Multiple factors would need to be considered. How will travel be done? Will there be supplies available upon arrival? If supplies need to be brought, how do they get transported to the location? The biggest obstacle for this plan is the simple fact that travel across the planned route may simply be impossible after the disaster. Countless changes to the terrain could happen, not to mention others will undoubtedly come to the same conclusion and choose to protect or block the route.

Stand Your Ground Theory

Of course, other people believe that they will simply hold up in their house. If they have enough food and water they will be fine. This is a wonderful idea, for a short-term disaster. But if help is not going to arrive with in two weeks, it isn’t going to matter how much food and water you have, because now you will become a target for others who are more aggressive, and failed to prepare themselves. The question then becomes, can you protect yourself? Unless you built an underground bunker, with a massively dynamic air system, the answer will be: not for long. Oh, but you have a vent system for your underground bunker? Does it come straight to the surface? All a person would need to do is force smoke into the intake, or block it off entirely, and you will be forced out of your little rabbit hole. Then your food stores will be their’s.

Best of Both Worlds Theory

So, one would need to have an area that is defendable, but yet have an area that can sustain long-term living. Of course, survival of a large disaster will never be something that one can survive all alone. The best scenario for preparation would be to have a small group organized. Large groups would be great for defence, but could make early sustainability impossible. Goals for preparation of the location would include securing and storing temporary supplies ahead of time. Unless it is a place that you will actively be living in, time will be needed to grow crops. Thus, food supplies will be needed, such as MREs until the crops can be harvested. Ways to defend one’s area should already be in place. The less needed to bring to an area, the more successful the chances will be to get to the location, and to survive/defend it upon arrival.

During one episode of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, the hosts interviewed several people who had already developed a secret group that had assigned tasks. One individual even went so far as to have a secret location that he was currently living in, prepped for what he believed would be the coming disaster. Unfortunately, planning to survive on your own, defeats the whole purpose of surviving. Why bother surviving, if you will be by yourself?

Unfortunately, keeping a 3 day survival kit for “normal” disasters is expensive enough, let alone preparing to become totally self-sustaining. So, I will more than likely fall into that group of poor folks that just aren’t prepared when the end finally comes. My failure will not be because I didn’t know better, but because bread on the table NOW is more important to me than having bread on the table in a future unknown world.

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NASA's ATREX project hopes to analyze the jet stream

For the last few days, in March 2012, NASA has been trying to launch a 5 rocket project, ATREX, 65 miles up in the atmosphere to release particulars into the air, all the better see the jet stream with. What causes me to pause is the question as to WHY NASA feels the need to do this. Many weather stations and sites already have maps that show where the Jet Stream is located, how strong it is, and even anticipates where it is going to be. Weatherman already use satellites, radar, and cloud tracking methods, to “see” where this hidden power of global wind is. Could there be another reason that NASA, or the government, needs more detailed information on the jet stream? Could they have been dabbling in weather altering technology and need to confirm their effects, or disaster? Could a scientist have noticed a trend vital to the survival of the earth that the government wants to confirm, and possibly find a solution to? Could the earth be setting up for another ice age?

Just over 10,000 years ago, the world was in a warming phase, the major ice fields had receded and melted. Then an ice damn located near the head of Lake Erie by New York, burst sending thousands of gallons of freshwater into the salty Atlantic Ocean. The inundation of freshwater was sufficient enough to cause the major ocean currents, which rotate due to differing solidity levels, to stall out and stop rotating. Thus, causing a resurgence of cold weather, glaciers advancing, and the last ice age that the world has known.

Weather alterations, which have included past jet stream relocations, have created major problems on the planet including the great dust clouds of the 19th century on the plains and the surging of the deserts in Africa and China. Of course, I hope this is simply my mind creating a more interesting theories for something that is really mundane science. We can only pray that there isn’t a bigger problem out there waiting to be revealed at some future presidential speech.

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blazing earth

Disaster on the America's.

As I read an article in the Popular Science magazine on 2012 doomsday scenarios based on past disasters that have struck the Earth. Many of the examples given were disasters over the last few million years that have happened within the North American Continent. I found myself thinking that maybe North America , in the long term, is not a smart place to make a civilization. Then I realized that this may be why this continent seemed to be inhabiteted by men that were much less advanced than the men in Europe and the Mediterranian. Why did the humans living Eastern/European world advance so much further than those in the Americas? In theory, Is it because the American continents were struck repeatedly by one disaster after another, and that humans living here had to start over and over again? Maybe so many disasters happened, that the humans on the other side of the world finally said “Enough” and came up with the “Void” and “Ends of the Earth” stories to keep mankind from returning to the American Continents and leaving the humans that survived there on their own to go on alone without the current knowledge.

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Comet raining down

In the Bible, Revelations 12:3,4 it says:
“And there was seen another sign in heaven: and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads, and ten horns: and on his head seven diadems: (4)And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth:”

Nostradamus wrote in Century I Quatrain 46:
“Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande
a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.
The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;
shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.”

The general belief is that the earth will be bombarded with a meteor shower, or a large asteroid. However, with recent solar flares, I have thought of a new theory for this sign. Solar flares send out electrons and protons through space. When these hit the earth’s atmosphere, the atmosphere actually puffs up. This causes more drag on satellites in orbit. Those satellites that are near the end of their life, have been damaged by previous flares, or are no longer controlled, can not have their trajectory corrected for the extra resistance. Thus, they slow down and if low and slow enough, fall back to the earth. This could even happen to the thousands of pieces of debris in orbit. Several defunct satellites have already fallen back to earth in spectacular fashion within the last few months. As the solar cycle reaches its height, near the end of 2012, the atmosphere could be effected to such a degree that a many number of satellites might fall to earth at the same time. Be it rock, a ball of ice, or a man-made satellite, they all burn during re-entry the same way; one big ball of fire.

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