January 30

Posted on January 30th, 2012 at 4:10 PM by Alaskankare

Aliens…the subject matter is so enormous it almost requires a site of its own. Many people are turned off by the notion all together, and may even leave the site once they realize there will be “alien talk” here. However, if you truly believe that humans are not alone in the universe, then you have to believe in other life out there. If there is other life out there, then there has to be the possibility in which that life might have stumbled upon our little blue marble in space, called Earth.

Sky-people -Ancient Aliens

sky-people -Ancient Aliens

Strangely enough, The History Channel has done an outstanding job producing investigative shows on Aliens. While gathering my list of favorite shows, I quickly realized that they were all from History: Ancient Aliens, UFO Hunters, and even Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. Since the alien genre is so vast, certain subjects from these particular shows will be the focus here, including: underground facilities, ancient interaction, current interaction, and more.

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