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Through out the years, many people have speculated why the Bermuda Triangle acts the way it does. Some believe it’s the work of Aliens. Others believe it is a tear between dimensional worlds. What if it is sort of both, but not in they way everyone is speculating? What if it is something so much simpler, that everyone has overlooked the obvious?

The Bermuda Triangle, a location of mystery and disaster.

The Bermuda Triangle, a location of mystery and disaster.

People have reported several anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle including crazy magnetic readings, loss of altitude, strange weather, and sudden sinking of vessels. Researchers have confirmed that compass readings to go awry in areas of the Bermuda Triangle. Researchers also found that there are methane gases being released in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle which cause a bubbling action at the surface. These methane bubbles can cause a boat to be less buoyant and thus sink suddenly. The methane gas being released was found to actually affect the lift of an aircraft in some cases, making them drop in altitude at times. Islands in the area, for instance Bimini were also found to have caverns and voids in the ground.

Chiculub Crater

The Chicxulub Crater, site of the Dinosaur Killer impact

There can be an other worldly explanation for this, but not Alien spacecraft. I’m talking alien rocks. In 2010, scientists have made a discovery that locates the actual impact crater from the meteor that “killed the dinosaurs”. Called the Chicxulub Crater, the location places the impact in the Gulf of Mexico, with the part of it on the Yucatan Peninsula. But what if all of the meteor didn’t stay in the crater? What if part of it came back up into the atmosphere with the debris, or even part of it broke off during entry, to come down near by? Could a large piece of meteorite that landed in this area cause the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle?

In Season 3 of Destination Truth, the team investigated the area of Bimini Island of the Bahamas since they had the strongest magnetic disturbances there. Another object gives off strong magnetic fields, a meteorite. It’s common for meteor hunters to use a metal detector to search for the mostly iron space rocks. When found they use a strong earth magnetic to confirm its composition. There have been notes of some meteor hunters actually using a compass to help locate them because they can throw off the magnetic field slightly.

Wikipedia notes that there are sinkholes surrounding the Chicxulub Crater, leading scientists to believe that the sinkholes may have been caused by the impact while the land was underwater. For a large impact, it would be conceivable that the ground could be fractured and thus allow gases to escape, i.e. the methane emissions also found around Bimini.

When looking at a map, planet size speaking the Bermuda Triangle is in the general area of the crater. Couldn’t it be conceivable that part of the meteor, whether from impact debris, or if it split apart during entry, could have landed within the triangle?

Close proximity of the Triangle and Crater

Close proximity of the Triangle and Crater

Could the Bermuda Triangle really be the result of part of the Dinosaur Killer Meteor coming to rest in the area of the Bermuda Islands? As it struck the ground, it could have caused fractures that allow trapped methane gas to continually escape to the surface. Being made of a ginormous chunk of iron, could it be strong enough to effect vessel navigation? We won’t know until some meteor hunters decide to hunt for the ultimate meteor.

images obtained from Google Earth and utilizing their tools to create graphics

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