Posted on January 26th, 2012 at 12:54 AM by Alaskankare

I consider myself to be a simple but intelligent person. I believe that curiosity is the key to living, and that if you stopped being curious what would be the point to life? I have an interest in cryptozoology, paranormal and the mysteries of the universe. As the number of shows in these genres have grown, my disappoint in the investigation techniques grew, too. Some shows, like Destination Truth, perform excellent and detailed investigations. Other shows, like Finding Bigfoot, lack greatly in the use of scientific method.

It is due in part to the Finding Bigfoot show, that I have chosen to create this site. Thru Twitter, I proposed several theories to the “scientist” of the team on ways to find evidence. The “scientist” responded rudely and labeled me as theorizing incessantly (details will be posted on the Bigfoot page). How could a scientist, who by definition needs to create a theory according to scientific method, say that someone theorized too much? Many theories in the scientific world cannot be field researched immediately. Sometimes, the person with the theory does not have the means to conduct the investigation. This was the reason I had proposed my theories to this “scientist” who was actively investigating Bigfoot. I proposed my theories to spur them onto a new thought pattern, a new lead for investigation. Instead, I was dismissed as simply being an armchair quarterback that didn’t know what I was talking about because I had never gone out to look for bigfoot. With the realization that there may be others like myself, I created this site for the dismissed and thrown aside to discuss intelligently about different subjects in our universe. I created a place for people “To Theorize Incessantly.”

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    • Kumchai says:

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