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Dinosaur's extinction

Asteroid & dinosaurs

Everyone knows that history says a meteor killed off the Dinosaurs. A large rock crashed into the Earth and devastated the planet, causing many species, including the Dinosaurs to perish. But with small animals, able to hide in burrows or caves, were able to survive the disaster, and eventually they evolved into us humans. That’s what the books tell us.

There are people that believe that humans are not from the Earth. Some theories talk about Earthlings actually being Martians, and then after a disaster, we migrated from Mars and moved to Earth. Some people believe that humans were “seeded” on the planet, or that Aliens genetically altered animals on Earth to become humans for slavery purposes. There is a theory out there that the Moon is actually a space ship. That its hollow on the inside.

Today, we know that our planet might not survive without the moon, in its exact orbit, because this orbit allows the ocean tides, and influences our weather patterns. If our Moon is strong enough to affect our Oceans, by literally pulling the water on our planet in different directions, then wouldn’t a Moon suddenly appearing in orbit, be destructive?

is the Moon a ship?

is the Moon a ship?

What if, our Moon is a spaceship? What if our Moon was our transport ship to Earth, and to make the Earth habitable, we parked it in just the right spot to help terra-form the Earth? What if the Moon was purposely parked there because it was known that if parked at this distance, that it would cause great shifts on the planet, and essentially wipe out most of the ginormous, and destructive creatures, allowing our species to have the chance to thrive and take advantages of the planets resources?

So, maybe it wasn’t a meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. Maybe it was us.

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The Doomsday Nay-Sayers are at it again. This time targeting the end of September as their goal for the destruction of the world. It is turning out to be a pick your flavor doomsday scenario week. Whether you believe the Anti-Christ has arrived, and with him the Rapture, Californian Earthquake, Solar Flare, or everyone’s favorite: Asteroid/Comet, there is a scenario for everyone this time.

blazing earth

Doomsday 2015, You Ready?

My biggest complaint about these doomsday “theories” is that many of them reference movies, like 2012, or Deep Impact as proof of the end coming. These are MOVIES PEOPLE, the writers put the same information that everyone has read from the Bible and Spook sites in the script for drama. There are no coincidences in a movie, no hidden messages that coincide with what was written down somewhere before. The writers put that in the movie to give it a more realistic and paranoid feel. Don’t use fiction as your proof. Get out there and find the real facts to create a doomsday scenario. Get news clips for your reinforcement that the end is near, or that there is a secret government conspiracy.

One theory on makes an attempt by using a press conference vidoe, from I assume in Russia because no details on who was speaking were given, dated May 13, 2014, where the gentleman stated that, “…in 500 days we will begin to see environmental chaos.” Then the video flaunts September 28th and the Event Horizon followed by a completely useless video/music entourage of photos that aren’t related to anything. The problem? He never did his math. 500 days from May 13, 2014 (day 177 of the year) brings you to October 4th-6th, 2015. Depends on if you like to count the first and last day as “Days”. That’s about a week off. Simple details that can be verified but never were!

Personally, I’d use the fact that the U.S. “borrowed” Billions of dollars from China during our recession to help get the economy going again. Did we really borrow it, or is that a bill we owe for tech they are building. How about soon after China launches their own space station, which no hears about?

Time should be taken to review what is really happening in the world to create a theory of possible government/world conspiracy. For instance, what if China’s new island they are building in the Sea, isn’t really a military base, but a new launch pad for rockets or missiles to shoot people into space, or perhaps launch missiles at a comet/asteroid? Pick your flavor on that one. The U.S. hasn’t done any real steps to prevent them from doing it.

What if Russia’s incursion into Crimea is also to secure a specific site for other than military purposes. Could they need quicker access to a mountain region, or to the Ocean? Why haven’t they moved to take over the rest of the Ukraine yet? The Russian advance into Crimea was quick and decisive. Again, the U.S. has no real effort in deterring this. Two major nations, not really friends, moving into areas not theirs and the U.S. makes no move?


Comet Time?

NASA has started an initiative called the Grand Asteroid Challenge, pulling amateur astronomers into their fold to help research and look for new Near Earth Objects, almost like a desperate race to find something they expect to be coming. There was talk after the Russia asteroid exploded in the atmosphere that it was part of a large cluster of rocks from a larger body that broke up thousands of years ago. These other parts are still out there, and on a similar orbit, but nothing more has come out on the details of their research. Could NASA’s outreach be more out of desperation than for a fun group activity?

Bringing in real world happenings into the theories of what might be coming is the way to go. Not this California Dreaming style of watching a movie and then believing that movie is proof that the government is hiding something.

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What to do now?

What to do now?

So, the end of the world has come and gone, and unfortunate for those that partied hard, and ran up their credit card debt, we are all still here. Now that, the world has realized that we will live to see another day, what will all those Doomsday preppers do? Well, turns out some will still be prepping for Doomsday. This time, just not with a date. Many preppers believe that the end will still come, but for many different reasons: economic crash, disease, asteroid, terrorist attack, and climate change, to name a few.

Do I prep? Well, of course I do. I live in Alaska. Prepping doesn’t have to be a bad word. Anyone that lives in an area that has the potential for natural disasters should prep to a point that they could survive at least for 2 weeks on their own. I don’t feel the need to go to the extreme of building a bunker and stocking piles years worth of food. Thankfully, I live in a place that the community would easily pull together in a disaster, and not rip each other apart, like the world has seen in some areas. If you live in such an area, then I suggest you consider moving if you feel you need to build a compound to protect yourself. But your job is the reason that you live in the City? Then I suggest that you shouldn’t be a doomsday prepper because you have your priorities in the wrong order.

Whatever level of prepper you are, the Doomsday Preppers will always be around. They will simply continue on because prepping is really a sort of obsession to them, an addiction if you will. They couldn’t stop it, even if they wanted to.

Now, my concern? It’s a little bit natural disaster; a little bit terrorist attack. My biggest concern is that a Doomsday Prepper might get tired of waiting for Armageddon, and decide to start their own.

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