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Dinosaur's extinction

Asteroid & dinosaurs

Everyone knows that history says a meteor killed off the Dinosaurs. A large rock crashed into the Earth and devastated the planet, causing many species, including the Dinosaurs to perish. But with small animals, able to hide in burrows or caves, were able to survive the disaster, and eventually they evolved into us humans. That’s what the books tell us.

There are people that believe that humans are not from the Earth. Some theories talk about Earthlings actually being Martians, and then after a disaster, we migrated from Mars and moved to Earth. Some people believe that humans were “seeded” on the planet, or that Aliens genetically altered animals on Earth to become humans for slavery purposes. There is a theory out there that the Moon is actually a space ship. That its hollow on the inside.

Today, we know that our planet might not survive without the moon, in its exact orbit, because this orbit allows the ocean tides, and influences our weather patterns. If our Moon is strong enough to affect our Oceans, by literally pulling the water on our planet in different directions, then wouldn’t a Moon suddenly appearing in orbit, be destructive?

is the Moon a ship?

is the Moon a ship?

What if, our Moon is a spaceship? What if our Moon was our transport ship to Earth, and to make the Earth habitable, we parked it in just the right spot to help terra-form the Earth? What if the Moon was purposely parked there because it was known that if parked at this distance, that it would cause great shifts on the planet, and essentially wipe out most of the ginormous, and destructive creatures, allowing our species to have the chance to thrive and take advantages of the planets resources?

So, maybe it wasn’t a meteor that killed off the dinosaurs. Maybe it was us.

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